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Infinitude Global provides Application, Software and IT Infrastructure Hosting Services

IT Hosting partnerships drive our business as provide your customers more options

Infinitude Global delivers software and IT hosting services to businesses around the world by building successful Partnerships.

Bring your Applications, we'll provide the Hosting Services and Connectivity Framework...
Most companies seek to deploy several mission critical line of business applications combined with Microsoft productivity tools. Infinitude Global works with our partners to provide (Y)our customers a framework for the hosted software applications they need. Sometimes referenced as Software + Service (S+S) or Software as a Service (SaaS), formerly referenced as Application Service Provider (ASP).

Flexible licensing for Software as a Service or Software Plus Services

Exactly what Infinitude Global provides our Partners and (Y)our Customers:

Paint it anyway you want it, Infinitude Global offers flexible licensing options
We can SPLA (rent) licenses as well as manage customer licenses. Infinitude Global has experience in the challenges managing licenses for both and help report usage, lending our experience to make sure you pay for what's being used, and nothing more, nothing less. Learn more about how we work with licenses..
Improve Software Performance
Improved Software Performance
The Infinitude Global organization helps companies improve enterprise software performance, information availability and data security associated with their business application solutions. We have been providing advanced software infrastructures to clients by implementing mission critical applications and system topologies for over 15 years. Armed with depth of experience in a variety of industries our teams are able to help derive the maximum value out of IT investments. Learn more about our strengths in hosting, enterprise software and IT...

Improved Security and Data Access
Security and Data Access
Companies are faced with increased pressure to maintain better control and security over mission critical data, from financial records to employee email, and find that we can greatly improve readiness in the event of Disaster Recovery situations or other risk management concerns. Learn more about data backup-services and the measures we take for data security...

IT Hosting partnerships drives revenues and profits.Revenue Opportunity
Infinitude Global bills our partners monthly based on the end customers actual usage of software and services. A usage report accompanies the bill providing the necessary level of detail for your accounting department to use when billing your end customer. Each month and for every customer our partner's will make recurring revenue for little or no effort. Learn more about our 3 Partnership models...

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Compare Software Plus Service vs Software As A Service...
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