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IT Hosting partnerships drive our business and provide customers more IT with less overhead. First of all, if you have landed on this page its most likely because you are looking for a hosting company who can host your Microsoft or Infor applications, or you are looking for software services like Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Office Communication Server, SQL Report Services or more. Secondly, your staff or the company you work with is looking for a hosting company that has the expertise and resources to manage your day to day line of business applications and IT services.

We believe your search is over and your discovery has started. Infinitude Global is a partner driven organization who has devised (Y)our strategy that will maximize the service we can provide your company. With that, Infinitude Global works directly with end customers at times when the customer doesn't have an established relationship with a partner. So we can work directly with your company to provide hosting for the applications and software services you need, plus the professional services you need to compliment the application and services.

So how do we do that without compromising our Partner strategy?

It's easy . . .
  1. We sell directly to the end customer at HPSL pricing as if you purchased through a Infinitude Global Partner.
  2. Depending on what we are hosting for you, we will offer Professional Services Credits (PSC's) towards Professional Services.
  3. These PSC's can be used towards upgrades, project work or support services.
  4. The services can be performed through Infinitude Global or Infinitude Global will reach out into the partner community to connect the right resources for the right requirement.
  5. If a Partner is used for the Professional Services work, Infinitude Global will compensate the Partner with the available PSC's. If additional work is needed, the end customer can pay the partner directly for the additional services.
  6. If a Partner is not used for Professional Services work, then Infinitude Global will consume the available PSC's and bill for any additional services that are needed.
It is that easy. The end customer can work directly with Infinitude Global, with a Partner or with both. The bottom line is the End Customer has the best of all worlds. Working directly with Infinitude Global for all of its needs, working with Infinitude Global and a Partner of choice, or working directly with their already established and trusted Partner exclusively. This strategy cannot be beat.

As our customer you gain an IT department that rivals a Fortune 500 company. Attain greater control over cash flow with increased connectivity to your secure, backed up data, from anywhere, at anytime.

For Our End Customers: For (Y)our Partners:

  -Work anywhere, at anytime
  -More data, less IT overhead
  -Flexible licensing options
  -Predictable cash-flow
  -Focus on core competencies
  -Access to 77 hosting facilities
  -Increased data security
  -Data integrity and back-up
  -No/low risk
  -24/7 reliability
  -24/7 technical support
  -We co-locate servers

  -Ability to focus on their implementations
  -Leverage existing customer bases to offer more robust solutions
  -Our experts can act as the Sales Engineer
  -We invest in Public Relations and market our partners
  -Leverage our Network Operations Center
  -We have great references and case studies
  -We are a stable business with over 14 years ERP and CRM experience
  -100+ implementations
  -Partners assume no risk or downside
  -Lucrative referral multi level commission structures and bonus opportunities

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